Distribute Google Chrome via GPO

System: Windows Server 2008 R2

First download Google Chrome .msi installer from here and ADM/ADMX package from here.

Create a Distribution Point
To publish or assign a computer program, you must create a distribution point on the publishing server which a shared network folder where you will put the Google Chrome msi file that you want to distribute.

Note: This share must be accessible by your client machine. The client machine will request the file from this location. Verify the share is working correctly and set permissions on the share to allow access to the distribution package

For Chrome, it is best to create the GPO for the machines rather than the users. This way Chrome is available to any user that logs onto any machine.

– Create the Chrome GPO and add Chrome msi installer.
Logon as administrative priviledge open Group Policy Management.
1. Right click on Computer OU that you will linked the GPO select Create a GPO in this domain,and Linked it here…example I create JKDChrome GPO.
2. Double click JKDChrome GPO on the right pane on Scope tab,under Security Filtering click Add then add Domain Computers group.
3. Right click JKDChrome GPO select Edit…
4. Under Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings then right click Software Installation select new > Package… continue select googlechrome(Note:I use 32bit version and work on 64bit machines) msi package from your network drive which accessible from users computers as mention on distribution point above, after select package will show Deploy Software Window then select Assigned then click OK.
Chrome GPO-0

– Add Google Chrome ADM
5. Under Computer Configuration > Policies, right click Administrative Templates: Policy Definitions bla..bla.. then select Add/Remove Templates…
6. On Add/Remove Templates window click Add… then select chrome.adm then will back to Add/Remove Templates window then click Close
7. Finish,now in Group Policy Management Editor window under Administrative Templates you will see new Google Chrome administrative template and can setup follow your organization policy.
Chrome GPO-1

To do force update, on command prompt type gpupdate /force


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