Monthly Archives: February 2017

Install VMware-tools on CentOS 6

Scenario: Install VMware-tools CentOS 6 on VMware ESXi 6

– Right click on guest VM.
– Select Install/Upgrade VMware Tools. Note: VMware tools installer will assign as CD/DVD or iso image in the server.
– Login as root access the server or SSH remote to install VMware tools.
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Setup NFS server on CentOS 7

Scenario: How to setup NFS server and NFS client.
– CentOS 7 NFS server IP Address:
– CentOS 6 NFS client IP Address:

1) Configure NFS server
– Install NFS packages on the CentOS server with yum:
yum install nfs-utils

– Create the directory that will be shared by NFS:
mkdir /NFSdisk
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