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Create LUN in Openfiler

Scenario: Create LUN in Openfiler from new disk.

System: Openfiler ESA 2.9

1) Click Volumes >> Click Block Devices,in picture below we see new drive /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc as plan we will create LUN in /dev/sdb then continue click /dev/sdb.

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Install Openfiler

Scenario: Installing Openfiler at sda 40GB size.

System: Openfiler ESA 2.99.1

– Download Openfiler iso from here.
– Booting from Openfiler iso/DVD.
– Select Graphical Mode press Enter.
– Click Next.
– Select Keyboard -> Click Next then select Yes to initialize drive,erasing ALL DATA.
– Continue click Next if using default Openfiler partition table. I setup LVM for /var and swap for easy increase the space in the future.
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Clone CentOS 6/RHEL 6 VM template using Clonezilla

Clone RHEL 6 VM template to NFS server using Clonezilla for deploy to physical server.

System included:
– Clonezilla iso.
– RHEL 6 VM Template.
– Windows server 2012 R2 NFS server.
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Install VMware-tools on CentOS 6

Scenario: Install VMware-tools CentOS 6 on VMware ESXi 6

– Right click on guest VM.
– Select Install/Upgrade VMware Tools. Note: VMware tools installer will assign as CD/DVD or iso image in the server.
– Login as root access the server or SSH remote to install VMware tools.
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How to Check the UUID of VMWare ESX host

Scenario: Check the UUID of VMWare ESX host
System: VMWare ESX 5.5

– Type below url to web browser.
https://[Esx HOST IP Address]/mob/?moid=ha-host&doPath=hardware.systemInfo



Install VMware-tools CentOS 6 on VMware ESXi 5.1

1. Open a command window in the guest operating system, obtain and import the VMware Packaging Public Keys.
# mkdir /opt/vmtools-key ; cd /opt/vmtools-key
# wget
# wget
# rpm --import
# rpm --import

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VMware ESXi 5 upload iso file to datastore

Here’s how to upload an iso image if you want to install a Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi 5 from iso datastore using VMware vSphere Client

Go to Summary => choose your datastore then right click => click Browse Datastore
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Setup autostart VMs on Citrix XenServer 6.1

Pada versi Citrix XenServer 6.x, kemampuan GUI/XenCenter untuk seting auto-start Virtual Machine pada startup XenServer telah dihapus. Fungsi auto-start telah dihapus karena mengganggu fungsi fitur High Availability(HA)

Setting the XenServer to allow Auto-Start:
1. Gather the UUID’s of the pools you wish to auto-start.
2. To get the list of the pool’s on your XenServer type:
[sourcecode language=”plain”]# xe pool-list[/sourcecode]
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Import Linux VM .xva to XenServer


These are step by step example to import Linux CentOS VM .xva into XenServer v6.1 via XenCenter based on reference link above..

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