Install VMware-tools CentOS 6 on VMware ESXi 5.1

1. Open a command window in the guest operating system, obtain and import the VMware Packaging Public Keys.
# mkdir /opt/vmtools-key ; cd /opt/vmtools-key
# wget
# wget
# rpm --import
# rpm --import

2. (Optional) Set up the proxy server information in /etc/yum.conf.
For example:


3. Create or edit the VMware repository directory and file.
# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/vmware-tools.repo

name=VMware Tools

Install VMware Tools for RHEL 6, RHEL 5, CentOS 6, and CentOS 5 Guest Operating Systems

1. Open a command window in the guest operating system.

2. Run the ‘uname -r‘ command to identify the type of kernel that is installed on the virtual machine.
For example, the ‘uname -r‘ command might display 2.6.18-53.el5-PAE, where 2.6.18-53.el5 is the kernel and PAE is the kernel type. Kernel types can be PAE or pae. In RHEL kernels, if the default type is installed, no type is displayed.


[root@cumi ~]# uname -r
[root@cumi ~]#

3. Run this yum command: yum install vmware-tools-esx-kmods-kernel_type vmware-tools-esx

# yum --enablerepo=vmware-tools -y install vmware-tools-esx-kmods vmware-tools-esx

Done! Reboot the machine..

Verify VMware Tools Installation
After you install OSPs and reboot the virtual machine, verify that VMware Tools are installed and functioning properly.

1. Verify that the VMware Tools daemon,vmtoolsd is running.
$ pgrep -fl vmtoolsd

2. Verify that the required kernel modules load properly.
$ /sbin/lsmod

The vmmemctl kernel module is always loaded. The vmxnet,vmxnet3, and pvscsi modules are loaded only when the virtual machine is configured with the corresponding device.

NOTE: If the distribution has a vmxnet3,pvscsi, or vmmemctl kernel driver, the drivers are not updated when you install operating system-specific packages.

Status of VMware Tools in vSphere Client
After VMware Tools OSPs are installed on a guest, the VMware vSphere Client reports the status of VMware Tools for that guest as 3rd-party/Independent. This status indicates that OSPs are installed. In this situation,do not attempt to install the standard VMware Tools through the VMware vSphere Client.

Reference: page 20-21


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