Clone Hard Disk with Bad Sector using Clonezilla

My boss laptop Dell 5460 coming with OEM Windows 8 got hard disk with bad sector.
Windows always freeze and she never created image,never did Dell backup nor did Windows backup and the worst thing she ask me to repair her laptop.
First I check the HDD laptop model is Seagate Momentus Thin 500GB so I asked her to bought new HDD with same model.

Clone HDD with bad sector to new HDD using Clonezilla

Important Note:
Both HDD are same model so you must remember defective HDD serial number and new HDD serial number.

Clonezilla Preparations:
1) Download Clonezilla from here I’m using alternative stable releases – 20150608-vivid (Ubuntu based).
2) Burn Clonezilla to a CD or create a bootable usb flashdrive for Clonezilla.
I create a bootable usb flashdrive for Clonezilla using YUMI multiboot,you can download here

Hardware Preparations(I use a PC to do drive to drive clone):
1) Unplug defective HDD from laptop
2) Plug defective HDD to PC
3) Plug new HDD to PC

Cloning process steps:
1) Boot PC from Clonezilla
2) Select Clonezilla live
3) Select language en_US.UTF-8 English
4) Select Don’t touch keymap
5) Select Start Clonezilla
6) Select device-device
7) Select Expert
8) Select disk_to_local_disk
9) Select source disk (Note: in this case I choose the defective HDD,don’t worry Clonezilla will show HDD model with serial number)
10) Select target disk (Note: in this case I choose the new HDD)
11) Mark * option -rescue,other options are default/don’t touch anything.
12) Select Skip checking/repairing source file system.
13) Select Use partition table from the source disk.
14) Press “Enter” to continue…
15) Press “y” if asking Are you sure you want to continue ? (y/n)
16) Cloning process
-If your HDD had bad sector you will found this messages when cloning (WARNING: Can’t read sector at 10324625280, lost data) and you will think the clone process is stuck,but try to be patient because actually Clonezilla still working on it.
-in my case cloning process took around 16 hours,so try to be patient.
17) Cloning done -> Choose poweroff

Steps after cloning process done:
1) Plug new HDD to laptop.
2) Boot into Windows.
3) Search cmd and Run as administrator.
4) Do check disk type chkdsk /r /f /x or chkdsk /B in command prompt.
5) Restart laptop,it will boot then do disk repair.
6) After repairing disk done you can boot into Windows normally and work with your data again.

Thanks Clonezilla ^_^


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