Create Partition on New Disk using Parted on CentOS

Scenario: Create partition and Volume Group 60GB size from 100GB disk on new disk using Parted on CentOS
System: CentOS/RHEL 6 or 7

Show new disk:
# fdisk -l | grep sd

We found new disk is /dev/sdb with total size 100GB

Create new Partition /dev/sdb1 in /dev/sdb using parted.
# parted /dev/sdb

Found the new partition is /dev/sdb1

Create new Volume Group from new partition /dev/sdb1.

Create new 60GB size Logical Volume from VolNFS with name lv_nfs then format as xfs

Create directory then mount the new LV then mount permanently in fstab.

Check new partition type df -h and found successfully mounted on /NFSdisk

In Parted by type m will show all parted menu.

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